Hand-Cut Coin Jewelry - Made in the USA

Difference Coin Jewelry, coin jewelry, custom coin jewelry, coin jewelry ebay, gold coin jewelry, handmade coin jewelry, coin necklace, gold coin necklace, custom necklace, jewelry made from coins, silver coin necklace, custom coin pendant, coin pendant, cut coin jewelry, etsy jewelryTime is the most precious of things we have, so I will be as brief as possible in telling you about our business and its origins. I know that many of you will find your way to our website without knowing the story of our company, so I would like share with you who we are and what we do at The Difference. The Difference was established in 1975 from humble roots in Key Largo, Florida. I started out working at a picnic table in a campground, and what I thought would be a nice hobby has turned into my life’s work. Today The Difference is located in western Massachusetts and all of our work is still done by myself and two other craftsmen. We take great pride in our workmanship and over the years have built a very strong customer base, as well as made many friends along the way. Our continued dedication and commitment to our work has helped us stand the test of time.

From the very beginning, the variety of designs on coins has always appealed to me. I was always on the lookout for coins that had the most beautiful designs, or coins with an ethnic appeal from faraway places.  I feel that The Difference currently offers the most extensive collection of hand-pierced world coin jewelry to be found. After cutting we use a very high Quality plating finish of 14 Karat Gold & Rhodium. All our pendants come with a complimentary chain offered in four different lengths. Looking forward to Hopefully helping you in the future.

– Michael Vincent

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my jewelry?

For our plated items: We advise rinsing under plain water occasionally to remove the oils from your skin and dry with a soft tee shirt type material. DO NOT use any type of jewelry cleaner as this will impact the finish. Our pieces should not be worn in salt water as this can be corrosive to the plating.

For our sterling silver items: Its best to use a silver polishing cloth but you can also use silver polish. On the polish rub the polish into a soft cloth the clean your pendant. Do not apply polish directly to the item as the cream can become trapped in the finer areas.

How is your jewelry sized?

Please refer to the piece detail description for size of the pendant/earrings.

Can the pendant be purchased without a chain?

Our prices are based on the time and workmanship put into cutting the pendant. We provide the chain complimentary.

Are there custom, duty or import fees?

These fees etc. are determined by the country to which we are shipping and have no control with regard. We are not responsible for such fees, etc. If the item is returned to us because it was not picked up at customs, the cost of the “actual postage” will be deducted.

What are the shipping time frames?

Shipping typically occurs within 24 hours with the exception of weekends and US postal holidays.

How can I contact the Difference?

You can contact us through our website 24/7.

What are the ear wire made of?

The ear wires used for gold plated earrings are 14K gold filled. Ear wires for sterling silver earrings are sterling silver.

How do I return an item?

Please send it back in protective packaging to the address listed on the business card. Be sure to include the packing slip so the refund can be processed.

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