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The Difference - Quality hand-cut coin jewelry
  • Introducing Our Sterling Silver Line

    Have you checked out our Etsy store lately? Our storefront features one of our largest selection of popular coin jewelry - including our new Sterling Silver line!

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    Follow us on Instagram to see the latest photos and new additions to our world coin jewelry line!

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  • The Difference is on Ebay

    From our Tree of Life pendants to our Hummingbird earrings. Find them online, along with other varieties of coin pendants and earrings, in our top-rated Ebay store.

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  • Free Shipping on Amazon Orders

    Our giraffe earrings are a customer favorite, along with other varieties of coin pendants and earrings. Find them online, our Amazon store now features FREE Shipping on most selections.

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  • A Commitment to Quality

    We’re committed to creating the world’s most beautiful and well-crafted coin jewelry. This process begins with a careful hand selection of our world coins and ends with a 14 karat gold and rhodium finish that is guaranteed for life.

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  • Coin Designs From Albania to the United States

    Every coin used in our jewelry designs is hand selected for its beauty and cultural significance.

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The Difference

In the past 41 years, The Difference has grown into the world’s largest manufacturer of handcrafted coin jewelry.

If you have any questions about our coin jewelry, or need help placing an order, please contact us. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Call (413) 786-4911 

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